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DSC_6647The Internet of Things is beyond the hype. Hundreds of thousands of smart devices, services and apps are being connected every day. But not only at home. From our cars to buildings and complete industries: more and more things are getting linked. Increasing the usability of everything.

Olisto makes smart devices smarter by connecting them to other devices, apps and services. We want to contribute to this future of connectedness. Because we believe it will make our lives easier. Smarter. More exciting and more fun.

We are the creators of Toon, the first smart thermostat in Europe. We are a team of experts with over a decade of experience in home automation. With this experience and our vision that everything should be connected as easy as possible, we started this journey

The key to connectedness is our Olisto Integrations service. A SaaS solution which makes it easy to integrate connected functionality to your own app. From voice commands to location-based services or the possibility to control multiple brands of domestic appliances from within your own app. This is Olisto. We smarten up your app.

With Olisto Link you can also integrate your API to Olisto and get your own fully branded channel within the Olisto app. This way your end-users will be able to tailor your product or service exactly to their own needs.

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We are dedicated to make your device, app and service even smarter. Let’s work together.

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