A new look and feel for Olisto

October 2nd,2017

The time is right for a new look and feel for Olisto. Time to change the appearance of the app. Together with the team of Soda Studio and Resoluut, we have scrutinized the design and opted for a new style. We wanted to create a fresh new look, but at the same time, we wanted to build an app that was first and foremost user-friendly for a growing group of Olisto fans.

We decided to build on what we have. We have further strengthened and implemented the strengths of the app without losing our recognizable appearance. We have also listened carefully to the feedback we receive from you, our users. From the many conversations we have through the in-app chat, we managed to achieve a number of points for improvement. We then conducted interviews with users and potential users to further perfect these improvements.

What’s new?

We have taken a number of screens and parts of the app under review. New animations are available for new users when you start the app for the first time. If you are already a user you don’t see them, but you do see a number of other changes:

  • My triggs: The list of triggs is more visual. We have also hidden all kinds of details of the trigg so that you quickly get an overview of your triggs.
  • Trigg details: The detail page has received the biggest overhaul. Each trigg has its own header image (You can’t customize it…yet.) and the familiar metro line has been given a new look. It shows more clearly what the parts of the trigg are.
  • Changing a trigg: By pressing the + button in the trigg details you can add conditions and actions. Also, when you adjust the trigg you get a better overview what you have adjusted before you save the trigg.
  • Share trigg: Sharing a trigg is more prominent in the app. The procedure for sharing a trigg has remained the same.
  • Change name/label: The menu at the top right has a new look that allows you to change the name and label of the trigg immediately or delete the trigg.

We are very pleased with these next steps and we work hard to add even more new possibilities in the app in the very short term. This is only the beginning of a new, fresh Olisto. We’re curious what you think of it. Please let us know via chat or on the forum.