A new release – push our buttons

February 16th,2017

Today we release a new version of the app. We introduce the first step in the evolution of our app. We started in July and since then we’ve received great response on the look and feel of our app. Based on the feedback of our users and our own ideas you will see new features and changes in the coming versions. It’s not only just a fresh coat of paint, we also have a new functionality in this release.

User interface improvements

We redesigned the channelpage and the channel details page to make it more consistent through the entire app. With photography and redesigned icons for every channel, we feel Olisto is even more future proof than we already were. The new channel details page is beautiful designed and it is the greatest channel details page you will come across. The greatest. Ever. Period.

When you make a new trigg you can add a new channel along the way. This is very useful but we found out we could make it better for you. We saved you an extra click when you add a new channel or a new device/unit in a channel (like a location). Maybe you don’t even notice it. That’s good. We love to make stuff that feels no natural you don’t even know it has gotten better.

It is now possible to enter your location in the Settings menu of the app. The timezone and sunset/sunrise times are derived from the entered location.

Olisto Now and widgets

A great new functionality is Olisto Now. Next to Olisto Connect this is a service we provide for you. You can use Olisto Now in your condition and it offers you a button. With this push button in the app and on your phone you can execute triggs whenever you want. You make your own button, give it a name and link it to your preferred action. It doesn’t matter what the action is. It can be a notification. Or an entry in Google Sheets, combined with turning on your lights and setting the temperature at home. It is all possible with Olisto Now.

To get easy access to these buttons, we also added phone widgets. You can add the buttons to the Today screen of your iOS device or the pull down menu of your Android device. Now you will always have control over your triggs, right under your fingertips.

A word of advice: Olisto Now can be used in combination with other conditions. The button will only execute when the other conditions are also true.

What’s coming?

We are already working on further improvements of the app and our channels. Expect new channels to pop up in the coming weeks and existing channels to get even better. Have fun with the new app and let us know what you think about it!